Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Total Calories for 1/3 - 1808

According to my calculations using, my total caloric intake for yesterday was 1808. Plus, after entering in my 3 hours of house work yesterday, including reorganizing the basement, it estimated that I burned around 500 calories, based on their numbers for "cleaning, light activity". So, for yesterday, I was completely on target.

One great success is that I did not eat anything after dinner. No late night snacking. Although I didn't get to eat one of those lovely oranges Neal Stidham left us, I also didn't have to "enjoy" acid reflux last night either. One Ranitidine tablet at 8pm, 2 glasses of water in the evening, and the usual brushing of teeth all aided in leaving me acid free. But, due to all the dust I inhaled, I did have to add a Benadryl, and I still woke this morning to sinus "heck in a hand basket".

I've accomplished a few of my personal daily goals this morning. After the sinus rinse this morning, I'm feeling better. I've also obviously taken some time to write, and made sure to enter into my foods for last evening, and this morning.

Now, there is a new piece of machinery in the basement that needs me to put on my shoes and walk a bit.

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