Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today's Weight - 235lbs

Looks like more water weight came off last night, but I'm not complaining. The scale reading 235lbs this morning did help brighten my day.

And I'll need it. My schedule is fully packed till 8pm tonight. The post office, the bank, data-entry fun with Quicken, a several hour trip to the Cabell County Extension office in Ona, Create Huntington's Chat-n-Chew, and the South Side Neighborhood's monthly meeting focusing on the City of Huntington's Plan 2025 are all part of my to-do list. All this after being up with Huntington Community Gardens work till 1:30am, then getting up at 7am. To sustain my energy levels, the plan is to take an extra B12 chewable with lunch, get up and walk around as I can, and to drink lots of tea which should also help me get in my walking.

Right now, I must hurry and get in my sinus rinse and 30-min walk before taking a shower and officially hitting the list. So much to do. Here's hoping I can keep up my momentum and stay true to my calorie goals, as I will be eating out for lunch and dinner.

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