Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today's Weight - 233lbs

Yesterday was a bit difficult, as I woke up late for a very early appointment. I had just enough time to dress, take my allergy meds, and leave. There was no time for a sinus rinse, a walk, or even to step on the scales. My day was filled with lots of sitting, and I never had time for my walk. As all my meals were ate in a grazing fashion, due to the potluck nature of all three, I'm quite certain I consumed around 2000 calories yesterday. This total is just an estimate based on what I could recall eating, not good measurements as had been my practice all week.

However, this morning, I had a pleasant surprise, most likely due to Friday's 3.5-4 hours of cleaning activity involving lots of stairs and the fact I ended that day having only ate around 1300 calories. At 233, I've lost 6 lbs my first week, and now need to loose 93lbs in order to reach 140lbs. Success sometimes comes in steady diligent small pieces, but this first week feels like I got an extra serving of happy cake.

I now have one hour to rinse, walk, shower and dress. Time to mold time and space to my will.

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