Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Weight - 232lbs

Success! I kept my calories to 1500 yesterday and drank a goodly amount of water. The result, even after a full glass of water? I was down to 232lbs, a total of 7lbs lost!

Although the Fibromyalgia was kicking my but the last couple days and I was unable to walk, I still managed to reign in my eating. Also, 14 hours of sleep does good things when you've not had enough of it for about a week.

In addition, I reduced the number of processed foods in my diet by making bread from-scratch, and it was yummy. My math breaks it down to about 115-120 calories a slice.

So far today I've had almost 800 calories, including breakfast and lunch. Fresh broccoli and carrots were on the menu, as well as tasty bread. But, lunch meat, a highly processed food, was among them. I'm still peckish, so I think I'll have a small apple, which runs around 50-70 calories.

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