Monday, January 30, 2012

Today's Weight - 229lbs

I'm back to 229lbs, after my "break-over". Honestly, every day can be a bit of a battle. It is the sum of all those tiny successes that add up to a big change. But we often don't give ourselves credit for those small steps. Each time we choose something healthy, we should recognize that "win". This helps to strengthen self esteem, and we need that strength when the "break-overs" come knocking on the door. Some days we let it in, but others we say "No!"

The art of saying "No" is something that I'm still learning. Anyone who knows how much volunteering I do can verify this.

So, as part of my self-imposed Challenge for this week, I will say "No" and learn to say it comfortably, to both others and myself. The more I say it and mean it, the easier it will be when it is especially hard not to say "Yes". It is so much easier to just follow every impulse, without care of the consequences. It feels good to be helpful and make people happy, and it feels good to eat in front of the TV without thinking. I need to be more willing to take a "bit of the bitter" by denying myself and others at least some of the time. We can't always get what we want, as the saying goes, and sometimes we shouldn't.

I will focus on those things that lead to more long-term happiness, such as things healthy for me, even when it means saying "No" to others.

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