Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Weightloss Friends

On Monday evening, even though I was feeling quite tired early in the evening, I decided that I had to attend the "Big Losers" meeting at First Baptist Kenova. This weekly support group was wonderful. First we walked for about 15 minutes, giving room for some nice introductions. Then, we did a series of 1-minute exercises, doing as many repetitions as we could muster, then switching to the next. These suicides, pushups, situps, curls, and squat throws were more of a challenge than expected, but I did pretty good. And, Tuesday's soreness told me that this modest set had given me a real workout, which also tells me that I'm out of shape.

After physical activity, we moved to the library for some spiritual and mental activity. We discussed how our choices for ourselves and our families could better reflect God's Love and His Gift, Jesus Christ. Thinking about that Divine Love or simply praying before meals can help direct us towards more healthful, healing options.

In the end, it is that unthinking, mindless eating which leads to added pounds, digestive problems, and eventually serious diseases. By being grateful for what we eat, it's nutritional value, and all the effort that went into it from seed to plate, we become more mindful of what goes into our bodies, helping us slow down and savor instead of gulping quickly.

Slower eating triggers our "full" response when we actually are, leaving us in a more satisfied state. While fast, compulsive eating may continue for 20-30 minutes after our stomach has reached capacity, leaving us swollen and achy for the rest of the evening.

It will be two weeks till I will see my new friends again, but I've joined their Facebook group, downloaded the app My Fitness Pal, and am sharing my daily calorie diary, so we can continue to help each other stay on track.

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