Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Food choices - what's in the kitchen vs planning

Our dinner last night was based on what we had available and what needed to be cooked. Our red potatoes were starting to sprout, so we chose this as our carbohydrate. We're totally out of dinner meat, so we cooked up some eggs, shooting for a breakfasty theme. And, as I was craving leafy things, I cooked up a mix of collard, mustard and turnip greens, which amazingly complemented the main meal quite well. However, overall, the meal was not what one would call "lean". 

To cook the greens, I added about 2Tbs of vegetable oil, and 1Tbs of butter. Our high-calorie choice for carbohydrate, potato, was tossed in about 2Tbs of vegetable oil and a variety of herbs. And, our eggs were fried in about 2Tbs of vegetable oil. Although I only ate about 1/6 of the greens (I made enough to last a few days), I still consumed about 3Tbs of fat and oil, a goodly portion of which could have been avoided.

This morning, our roommate James cooked breakfast, and, well, I ate too much. As he is a a wonderful cook, it can sometimes be a problem for this recovering compulsive eater to say "no". Two buttery flakey jumbo biscuits and 2 Bob Evans sausage patties added up to over 600 calories. I think I'll eat an orange for lunch.

Husband Jim and I do need to visit the grocery store soon, so the goal is for us three to spend a bit of time planning out our dinners before we write the shopping list. This should help us choose leaner meals in the future.

It all comes down to healthier choices, and what works best for each of us. It is easier to choose a healthier option if that is what we already have in-hand, and it is easier to say "no" when the tempting foods are either not in the kitchen or not ours to eat. I may have to break out the labels and marker, just to keep my inner Gollum at bay. "Yes, my precious, you can has it. Tasty yummies belong in our belly, Smeagol."

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