Monday, January 9, 2012

Creating a Morning Ritual

As I begin week 2 of the Huntington Health Revolution's 90-Day Challenge, my mornings are becoming quite busy. Each morning I must take care of the pets, first thing. This prevents them from driving me crazy for the next hour. After that, everything else is a healthy habit I'm working to better integrate. Allergy medicine must be taken. I cannot tell you how many times in the past I've forgotten to do this simple thing, which has lead to more allergic reactions and worsened breathing. Next, the nasal rinse. I've had the supplies to do this this simple task for close to a year, but would consistently put it off, even though I knew it really made a difference in by breathing and helped to heal my chronically infected sinuses. After that, walking for at least a mile, which is a great way to warm yourself in this cold winter weather, especially on a treadmill inside the comfort of your home. And finally, breakfast. I've noticed that when I skip this very important meal, I'm hungry the whole day, even just after I've eaten. So if enjoying some oatmeal means I'll be less inclined to compulsively consume the kitchen, then great. It also helps to keep my energy levels from dropping just after lunch, which makes me crave sugar.

On that note, I'd like to recognize someone for whom I am quite grateful. Rose Thornburg of Faith in Action of the River Cities shared with me her morning ritual of a simple bowl of oatmeal before 10 a.m. and praised its benefits. Rose, you were right!

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