Saturday, January 28, 2012

Challenges and Sabotage

I've had some real success thus far with my participation in the 90-Day Challenge. So much so that WCHS-WVAH News wanted to interview me while eating lunch on Wednesday this week. 

I was unable to find the video clip on their website, but I did find at evening's script ( and their Food Revolution section ( So maybe it will post in a few days.

In either case, I felt great that afternoon, a combination of good sleep, a good-hair day, and finding I was up to 10lbs lost that morning. 

But, as self-sabotage often does, it was that Wednesday evening that I really "broke over", and all the next day. My Fibromyalgia symptoms were also really keeping me down for most of Thursday. Somehow, by Friday morning, I'd managed to put back on 2lbs.

So Friday I recommitted myself to keeping a better handle on my hunger, while keeping my calories low. I finished the day having only eaten about 1300 calories. This morning I was down a pound, so I'm hopeful that by Sunday morning I'll be back at where I was Wednesday morning.

Each time I hit a "set back" such as this I loose momentum and spend extra energy trying to "fix it." 

The lesson has been learned yet again: it is easier to maintain progress than it is to stop and try to catch-up. I need to think of all that extra work each time I'm tempted to eat without thinking.

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