Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Caloric Success - 1/4/2012

This evening, as we have yet to hit the grocery store, we had a simple dinner made at home. We had a tad of organic white cheddar cheese left, thanks to Caspar and Tracey Harris. We also had some turkey lunch meat, some store bought bread, and Dijon mustard. Time to make a toasted sandwich or two! Not too bad for calories, came to 250 calories per sandwich. We each had two. I also performed the difficult task of adding water to two cans of vegetable soup. Then, I reheated the leftover roasted potatoes and greens. Total dinner calories came to around 650-700. Breakfast was around 650. Total calories for today, including a tasty orange, is 1579.

Also, today I did Walk My First Mile on the treadmill :)
This burned around 100 calories, which is pretty close to my daily caloric deficit goal.

By 1am, as I rolled into bed, no snacking had occurred after dinner, the antacid was taken, and there was no reflux to be had. I'm meeting my goals and feeling quite good about today's productivity.

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