Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caloric Success - 1/5/2012

Full is how I would describe today, as in things to do, not my belly. There was simply too much to do, and I didn't have time to adequately prepare for bringing food with me. When we go grocery shopping on Saturday, good snack items will be added to the list. 

Breakfast was oatmeal at 7:15am, lunch wasn't till noon, and I was hungry again by 3pm. Realizing sweety-dog needed her evening pill, I rushed home, took care of a few important tasks, including gobbling down some leftover soup and a piece of bread, a very meager dinner. I was still hungry when I left for my 5:30 meeting.

All in all, my restraint was solid even when confronted with cheesecake at the South Side Neighborhood Organization meeting at 7pm, where I only snacked on veggies, fruit, and 5 tiny pepperoni slices. After just now finishing some lovely pomegranate-berry juice, my calories consumed for the day reached a modest 1500. And, this morning, I did indeed walk another mile, thus burning off 100 calories. Although there is room in the calorie-budget for a light snack, I'm off to bed in an hour and prefer a reflux-free sleep (I encourage you to say that fast 3 times).

This day ends with me on target, tired, and feeling accomplished. 

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