Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Juice Fast: Shopping

After shopping at Aldi and Kroger this afternoon, I purchased the following for $31.69:
- 23 small apples (12 granny smiths, 11 yellow delicious on the green side)
- 2 large heads of Celery
- 1 large bag of Carrots
- 7 bunches of Kale
- 4 bags of Spinach leaf
- 1 head Red Leaf Lettuce
- 1 bunch Mustard Greens
- 1 bunch Collard Greens
- 1 bunch Cilantro (I've parsley in my back yard)
- 6 lemons
- quite a bit of Ginger
- 7 cucumbers

My goal is to try a variety of juices, experiment with what tastes good and has the most goodness in it. This should last me a few days. If I ate out 1-2 meals a day for 3 days I'd easily spend $30 or more. The juicing is cheaper. Now factor in that, with the right conditions this winter, I could grow Kale, Collards, Mustard Greens and Spinach at home or at the Huntington Community Gardens. Then it would be lots cheaper. This spring I'll be able to also grow cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and cilantro. The only time my ingredients list will be expensive is the heat of summer and the dead of winter. So, I will look to do some dedicated "reboot" juice fasting from March through June, then September through December. The other times I can have some juice added to a Fruit and Veg dominated diet. I'm uncertain about how much meat I will incorporate back into my regimen. We shall see what the tummy tells me, after at least 8 days of fasting, then after at least 2 months of Juice+Fruit&Veg. I will also need to figure out how to incorporate proteins into this diet. Do I throw nuts into the juicer? Maybe do soymilk & almondmilk fruit smoothies? All I know is that my stomach is upset all the time and I need to find a good combination that heals and tastes good enough for me to keep doing.


  1. So this is only tangentally applicable, but I've cut out most of the sodas from my diet and replaced them with 100% juices. Between that and working on building bookshelves, I've lost almost 2 pant sizes in the past few months and I feel great. What I really crave when it comes to sodas is the carbonation. When I want carbonation, I get one of those frozen 100% juice concentrates, and mix it with seltzer water instead of tap water to get my bubblies.

  2. Nice. Love the idea of frozen juice with seltzer water. Have you tried blending frozen fruit with seltzer water?