Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Way too long since last I posted, much success to report, 45-50 lbs lost in 2010!

Ok, so I got a job and then it was planting season at the Huntington Community Gardens, so my Blobbing fell by the way side. The good news is that my weightloss goals did not :)

By July I had lost about 45 lbs, by October it was at 50 lbs lost. Then I plateaued till now, staying between 45-50 lbs lost. This is in large part to my slacking off with the counting of calories and not staying around 1800 as I should have been. But, all spring, summer, and fall I was quite active, and my stamina improved drastically. Even in 100 degree weather I still managed to get hours of HCG gardening done.

The three biggest activities for me were YMCA exercise, HCG gardening (often lots of mulch and dirt shoveling), and biking everywhere. We didn't have a car from Nov. 2009 till Sept. 2010. This addition of a car in the fall also contributed to my plateau, as I was no longer biking everywhere, but it was just in time for the cold bad weather, so really I've no excuse, I could have stepped up the YMCA time, but I didn't.

I want to encapsulate the huge difference in my health and stamina these days. I was not able to keep working in 2009, because my health would bottom out for weeks at a time, due in large part to my Fibromyalgia. In 2010, however, I was able to sustain a 20hr a week part-time job, still volunteer about 800-1000 hours on various community projects including the HCG, and still find time to be at the YMCA a few times a month. Yes, I still had bad days, yes I missed work or a volunteer gig here and there, but I came back faster and was able to jump back in to things so much quicker than in 2009. And, the amazing thing is that I was better in 2009 that in 2008, due to my increased activity with the HCG gardening labors, which was why I even tried to work in 2009.

Health and stamina is a beautiful thing. Given how tremendous my improvement was in 2010 with the first 50 lbs, I'm excited to see what happens with the next 50 in 2011.

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