Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vegetarian Month - Day 5

Saturday's often provide Jim and I time together, so this morning we decided to eat French Toast for breakfast. I had a loaf of my homemade Artisan bread that had become brick-stale, so we softened it by microwave/steaming for about a minute. This allowed us to saw it into slices. After whisking 4 eggs and a bit of milk with some vanilla and cinnamon, we then soaked these slices in the mixture to soften before placing in a heated cast iron pan with a bit of butter and olive oil. I chose to add a bit more cinnamon to the top of each slice for added flavor.

This was not a lean breakfast, but it did not use "Meat". However, it did use Milk and Egg, two items which make it totally non-Vegan, but do not prevent it from being Vegetarian.

With what did we top this delicious dish? Why, we used High-Fructose ladened Pancake Syrup, of course :(
Next time, we will use real Maple Syrup, for certain.

After a good swim at the YMCA, Jim and I headed for Applebee's for dinner. I found 2 dishes besides Salads that could be made Vegetarian by eliminating the meat. I chose their Ravioli Florentine and it was good. My desert was two coffees with a shot of Kahula in each.

I ended the day at 2100+ calories, which killed the 300+ calories I burned swimming. But, Jim and I had fun, and this is very important for a Saturday together. 

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