Friday, March 5, 2010

7 - 8 Miles Walked Yesterday! Whoo Hoo :)

Yesterday was Great Weather and non-stop walking for me. I got up, cleaned the kitchen, bleached the sink, cleaned the bathroom, bleached the tub, mat and shower curtain, and cleaned the sink, did some laundry, etc.

Then, I walked from home to the Pita Pit to meet Jim for lunch (1400 block of 4th ave), then walked to Jeff's bike shop at 8th St and 6th Ave, then to Faith in Action at 9th Ave and 8th St, then to the Barnett Center to help set-up, manage, and clean-up after the Boy Scouts, then Jenn drove me home by 6:10pm, then I was back out the door by 6:35 to walk over to the Jr. League building (617 9th Ave) for the Southside Neighborhood meeting that Casey said I needed to go to, then I walked home again.

Using Google Earth and some ballpark estimates I calculated the following:
Walking the dog around the block = 0.39 miles
Walking around the house cleaning and doing laundry = at least 0.25 miles
The walking from home to everywhere then to the Barnett Center = 4.60 Miles
Walking around the Barnett Center helping set-up, manage the kids, and then clean-up = at least 0.5 miles
The walking from home to the Jr. League building and back = 2.3 Miles

TOTAL = 7 to 8 Miles!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

230 lbs, 20 lbs lost since 1-4-2010

I'm down to 230 lbs! That's 20 lbs lost since I started this endeavor. This puts me right on track for my goal of  loosing at least 2 lbs a week, as it has been 8 weeks since I started, plus a little wiggle room for a slower rate of loss near the end of the year.

I've been working to choose protein, fruit or vegetable over instant carbs, keeping my calories down to around 1800 a day, and getting some exercise each day. These simple steps have helped me to stay on track with my weightloss, even when I've "broke over" here and there. Plus, helps by making me see my actual calorie count each day.

And THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me stay on track - You are helping me Reach My Goals and become a Healthier Person! :)

2.6 miles, 1 hour of walking

It is all about recognizing the progress one is making.

As of today, I have reached a new milestone: the longest distance walked at one time. Using my sister's treadmill, I was able to walk 2.6 miles today, taking 1 hour to reach this distance.

And this is in my old cruddy shoes, not the new walking shoes Jim and I will be purchasing upon my return from Columbus. I can't imagine how much nicer the walks will be, and how much further I might be able to go in them, since I won't be dealing with tired feet as much.

17.5 inches lost since 1-4-2010

I have some new Measurements to post, plus a listing of my total inches lost.

Here are my Body Measurements I entered into today:


This gives me a total inches lost of 17.5!

I may not have lost a lot of weight this month, but I did loose quite a few inches. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've gone from size 20 pants down to size 16. Whoo Hoo!