Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent and Weight Loss (232 lbs)

 Lent is about sacrifice for the health of our spirit, and my Lifestyle change is about getting to that healthy balance of mind/body/spirit.

I had a wonderful break from intense dieting and exercise for a couple weeks, all of February up until Ash Wednesday. I lost my momentum due to various reasons, but I'm using Lent as my way to re-focus. I'm now back to counting my calories each day on, keeping to no more than 1800 each day, and attempting to exercise 200-300 calories each day. Right now I'm in Columbus with Family, and my sister has a Treadmill, so I'm going to shoot for 3 miles of walking per day, maybe more, depending on how I'm feeling.

The good thing is that I still managed to loose some weight. I'm now down to 232 lbs as of this morning, which means I've lost 18 lbs total :)  If I want to kick it up a notch and try to meet my goal of 8 lbs lost in February (2 lbs a week), I've only 5 to go, but I'd be happy with 2-3, which is do-able in 10 days.

One thing I've realized is that this transformation of self is not about just me, but its about everyone I'm connected to, and God's Will. If I keep myself to this path, one I believe was Divinely Inspired, it will help others in my life to see that it can be done using simple means, and that if an undisciplined "slacker" like me can do it, so can they.

Psychology plays a big part in changing ones behavior and building healthy habits. Seeing someone you know change their life, seeing a friend or a family member loose over 100 lbs without surgery, it brings it home. It becomes an achievable goal, a reachable goal; it makes it possible and tangible. Perhaps by transforming myself and my way of living, I might inspire friends, family, and even people I don't know, to make healthier changes for themselves. I know I found inspiration all around me, once I decided to look.

This awareness, this vision of the ripple effect of how our choices affect those connected to us,  has helped me to grab the wheel again and put the pedal to the metal, it has renewed my Drive for becoming the New Me.

Yet Lent is not about me; its about making sacrifices now to become a healthier person in Body, Mind and Spirit, to "clean our spiritual mirror" and become a better reflection of God's Light, to show the power of positive change that comes from one person making a solid decision to see beyond themselves.

I can see the horizon ahead of me as I walk down this path and I'm overflowing with Hope :)

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