Monday, January 18, 2010

Can and should I shoot for 140 lbs?

Based on my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculated in my last post and my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in the one before that, I require 1703 calories per day for my body to function properly, and a total of 2342 calories per day to maintain my current weight (239) and activity level.

This means when I'm eating a 1800 calorie diet, I'm under my TDEE by 500 calories. Since 3500 calories equals 1 pound gained/lossed, by diet alone I should net at least 1 pound lost per week. But I want an average of 2 lbs lost per week. To reach my goal of 140 lbs, I would need to increase my activity each day until the calories I burn with exercise reaches 500. With a 500 calorie deficit in my diet combined with 500 calories burned in exercise, I should be burning 1000 calories a day, which should net 2 pounds lost per week.

At this point, I am uncertain that 140 lbs is a reasonable goal to be reached by 1-1-2011, or that it is a reasonable weight for me.

Using the calculator at my BMI says my weight should be around 142. However, based on my % Body Fat of 44%, I would have to get below 6% body fat to reach 140 lbs.

My conclusion is that I need to be open to the possibility that I may need to shoot for a different end weight. Because my finger pinch method of measuring Skinfolds, used to calculate my % Body Fat and Lean body Mass (LBM), has a higher chance of error, getting a caliper to perform monthly measurements is essential, so that I can recalculate and adjust as needed. Taking body measurements twice a month is also important for tracking progress. As I near the middle of 2010, these measurements will help me better decide if 140 lbs is indeed reasonable.

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