Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 miles of Walking :)

Our car is dead right now, and until it can be resuscitated, hubby Jim and I are at the whim of public transportation, friends and our feet. Today, I utilized the latter of the 3 to get me from home to my Master Gardener class at the Enslow Presbyterian Church, that runs from 6:30-9:30pm.

Using Google Earth (yes, I geeked out again), I was able to pick a route and establish the distance as 2.10 miles. My route took me down the Ritter Park walking path, around the park, and then down Enslow Blvd. My estimation was for an hour and a half to arrive by 6pm. This required that I leave by 4:30pm. So I packed my bag with nutritious snacks, notebook and pencil, put on my coat and walking shoes, turned on the iPod and went for a good walk. The clouds had moved in, cooling it down to about 48 degrees, but after the first 20 minutes of walking, I was too warm and had to open my jacket.

Arriving a few minutes before 5:30pm I found the place dark, locked and silent, without a car in the parking lot. I was too early. And, now I had to "go". So, I walked a bit more, down to the end of Enslow, crossing Hal Greer to reach the BP station. Google Earth measured this additional distance as 0.25 miles, so round trip  I had added another half mile to my travels.

My evening walk came to 2.62 miles. This added to my morning walk of 1.58 miles (4 loops around the block) meant that I had walked over 4 miles today. Whoot!

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