Monday, January 18, 2010

239 lbs and Adjusting the Scientific Method

After the first 10 pounds lost, and given my earlier flawed math, I have decided to adjust my frequency of weight measurement to every other day. Yesterday, Sunday the 17th of January, the scale said I weighed 239. I'm still holding today and it looks good for 238 tomorrow.

A measurement every other day should still yield a solid baseline for weight comparison. Further into this new Lifestyle when the pounds are harder to loose, I will again adjust the frequency of which I get on the scales to twice a week, so that I can better track the rate of weight change as it slows down.

However, given the volume of muscle mass that I will be building and toning, I still look to consistently check my body measurements twice a month: once around the 1st, and again around the 15th.

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