Tuesday, January 19, 2010

239 and holding, plus fun at the Cinema

Yesterday we had a very fun evening. Husband Jim, I and a group of friends went to the Cinema Theater for their Monday Night "Flash Back" movie. This week it was Ghost Busters, and apparently they sold out! The audience was great, and we had a good time. I'm looking forward to next week's Monday Night Movie: The Life of Brian.  It will be a blast, I'm certain.

On the side of healthy snacking while at the movies, I used the "bottomless purse" method. Not exactly what Theater owners like, but maybe they should add a few more nutritious choices to their menu. I brought a breakfast bar, some unsalted trail mix, and a couple apples for us all to enjoy. It worked. After the movie, I was not hungry.

I will say this: I did think about going out to eat. It was like one of those moments where the unhealthy habits kick in, leaving us to fight a battle of will within ourselves. Thankfully, I was surrounded with good friends who  are on the same healthier lifestyle path, and who would not have supported my thought to go out and grab some food even though we were not hungry. This unspoken support helped me to dismiss the moment of weakness and to move on to a different topic: "Anyone for Life of Brian next week?"

I did weaken again later in the evening, but I managed to snack on some Rice Snacks, Fit&Active brand. The problem was that I ate quite a few. I still was under for my calories for the day, but I was also at 250% of my daily sodium requirement.

Too many salty crackers with my soup and Ranch Rice Snacks at night have left me a bit water-bloaty today, but I'm still holding at 239. This is good. I should be down to 238 by tomorrow, if I can keep my sodium levels down today.

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