Friday, January 22, 2010

238 lbs, Walking Exercise and Music

Anyone who knows me has heard me profess my love of Ambient Techno music. LOVE IT. This type of densely layered synthetic sound, often coupled with audio snippets from soundtracks, world music vocals, and original lyrics, has a soothing yet energizing effect on me that I greatly enjoy. I'm also a big fan of Electronic Dance and Downtempo music.

Lately while doing my walking exercise, I've been listening to Ulrich Schnauss. The songs On My Own and Clear Day from the CD A Strangely Isolated Place have been my internal mantras of meditative physical movement. They are the songs I "gear up" with, while with other songs I slow down the meter of my pace.

Today I was able to do 6 lapse without issue, a total of 2.34 miles in 47 minutes, a 3mph average pace. This is a big deal, especially considering my right knee (ligament replaced in 2002), right ankle (sprain fracture last August), big toes (cracked cartilage at the base of each in 2002), lower & mid-back issues, and my Asthma. Added to the fact my legs are shorter than average for my height of 5' 6'', me maintaining this 3 mph pace is pretty darned good. I am seeing a definite improvement in my overall flexibility, strength and health.

After eating Chinese buffet and a large hand full of Wheat Thins last night, ending in around 2150 calories for the day, I still am down to 238 lbs, which is also pretty good because the day before I ate around 2000 calories and didn't even walk (was a bad Fibromyalgia symptom day). Progress comes in taking small steps every day. The results are real.: the weight is coming off.

There is a peace and happiness growing within me knowing that I can do this, with the support of family and friends, and through the Grace of God. Each day is a new day, each step I take down my path towards a Healthier Lifestyle, no matter how small, brings me closer to becoming the person I want to be, the person inside waiting to be discovered.

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