Friday, January 29, 2010

236 and a busted toe

Three days ago on Tuesday I was in a hurry, was rushing to get out the door, the cat was hidden beside my chair, so I managed to get my feet tangled up in her (she's ok), tripped across the floor and slammed my foot into the desk. Since my toe was throbbing pretty bad and deep purple, I thought it might be broken. But because I'm an idiot, I waited till Thursday to go to the doc and get it X-rayed. Thank God all is good, nothing broken, but the tip and the joint were bruised, and apparently there was some blood pooling between the nail and the cuticle, which was getting infected. So now I'm on antibiotics and an anti-inflammation med, but the best part is that the Doctor over at Ocumed said that I was totally good to get back to walking, as long as I ease back into it. Yeay!

Since I was down from being able to exercise for a few days, I focused on my calories, shooting for 1500 a day, which still allowed me to reach my 1000 calorie deficit per day. This morning, I'm officially at 236, a total of 14 lbs lost since January 4th. WHOOT!

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